Apple Daily Tenure as a Pro-Democracy News Site Is Ended by Domain Takeover

On June 24, 2021, the venerable Apple Daily newspaper in Hong Kong went out of print. The publication Jimmy Lai started in 1995, Apple Daily, came to an end when he and other executives were arrested and the media group’s assets were frozen. Even if the tabloid newspaper that was well-known for its support of democracy has closed, its website is still active and is being utilized to publish information that is completely unrelated to what it was before. Nebojsa Vujinovic, a Serbian businessman, has purchased multiple domains. Vujinovic is employed in the online industry. His business strategy involves acquiring expired domain names and attempting to profit from their notoriety by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and advertising strategies.


Vujinovic stated to VOA that he does not make an effort to radically alter the content of the websites he purchases. However, he changed Apple Daily because he has little interest in politics, particularly when it comes to business. “Although the site is large, we never even considered carrying on where the previous owner left off. We could not have succeeded in any manner,” Vujinovic declared. Lai, the owner, is presently on trial for offenses against Hong Kong’s national security law. The 76-year-old has refuted the claims of sedition and cooperation with foreign powers. Prosecutors have used content from Apple Daily as evidence against Lai throughout that trial.


Apple Daily no longer covers politics or Hong Kong; instead, it focuses on tech, lifestyle, and birthday greeting ideas. “I write about birthday and New Year’s greetings on Lai’s website, and foreigners tell me that he is supposedly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. They ask me, ‘Where are my morals?'” Vujinovic added. We are free to write about apples on the website as it is named Apple Daily. The domain cannot be renamed.” Politics is not anything that interests Vujinovic. He had to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina as a child due to the conflict, and in the 1990s he relocated to Serbia.

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