Coroner’s court: A man died after being bitten by hornets while riding along the Sembawang Park Connector

A 60-year-old man passed away in a hospital three days after being assaulted by a swarm of hornets while riding past a temple along a park connector in Sembawang. A coroner’s court heard on Tuesday, March 5, that the toxin from the insect bites attacked his important organs, starting with the liver and kidneys, and the increased acidity in his blood led subsequent organs to fail. On the first day of the investigation into Mr. Ronnie Ang’s death, the court learned that his eventual cause of death was multi-organ failure as a result of insect assaults and ischemic heart disease.


The court was informed that on July 4, 2022, in the late morning, Mr. Ang was riding his bicycle along a park connector in Sembawang. Sometime between 11.45 and 11.55 in the morning, when he rode his bicycle by the Sembawang God of Wealth temple, he was bitten by a swarm of hornets many times. He informed his spouse, Madam Oh, over the phone that he had been pursued and stung by a hornet swarm close to the temple. After telling him to go home and promising to take him to the doctor, Mdm Oh called him again a few minutes later and inquired as to his precise whereabouts.


By bicycle, it takes roughly seven minutes to get to the temple from the park connector in front of Block 467A Admirality Drive, according to Mr. Ang. He said that his sore throat, dizziness, and lack of breath prevented him from riding his bike home. Before going down, Mdm Oh called for an ambulance and told her husband to wait for her. She discovered her spouse and noticed that he had several sting scars on him. He mentioned his neck had swelled and he was thirsty after taking off his shirt. He expressed his extreme discomfort and lack of breath on multiple occasions.

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