Do you have imperfections on your skin? * A psychodermatologist shares the top skincare brand in the UK that dermatologists suggest for skin prone to blemishes and explains why it occurs

Have you ever noticed a spot or spots on your face when you looked in the mirror? It’s something that many of us encounter frequently and causes a well-known sinking sensation. This illustrates a deeper reality regarding the close relationship between the skin and the mind, since your skin’s appearance and feel frequently affect your mental health. Unfortunately, having skin prone to blemishes affects people of all ages, which can negatively affect their attitude and self-esteem.


Dr. Alia Ahmed is a psychodermatologist who specializes in the relationship between the skin and the mind. She discusses the potential psychological effects of spots and imperfections as well as their causes below. The UK’s top skincare brand, La Roche-Posay, which has a dedicated line for skin prone to blemishes, is then introduced by her. If you ask someone if they’ve ever been dissatisfied with the way their skin looks, they’ll probably rattle off a long list of problems, including redness, discoloration, blackheads, and acne. Skin imperfections can afflict anyone at any stage of life and regardless of gender, despite the notion that they are only seen on teenagers.


Having encountered many patients who are dissatisfied with their skin, Dr. Ahmed is aware that this can have both a physical and psychological effect. The majority of blemishes are visible, which leads to concerns about appearance, including the existence of spots, pimples, blemishes, and scarring, according to her. However, there is also a psychological consequence that is related that is sometimes disregarded, such as anxiety and depression. Most of us have had acne at some point**. It is a very common skin problem that creates blotches, greasy skin, and occasionally skin that feels hot to the touch or hurts. Though they can also form on the back and chest, spots typically grow on the face.

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