Experts claim that a rise in motorbike fatalities is caused by more cars and an aggressive driving culture

The same question bothers 24-year-old biker Carlos Karve every time he sees an incident involving a motorcycle. The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) engineering student added that while he is willing to accept the chance of riding a two-wheeler now, he questions whether he will still be singing the same song when he gets older when he sees a bike on the ground at an accident site. Naturally, he asked himself, “Do I want to keep riding bikes?” Mr. Karve has valid reasons to second-guess his choice to become a motorbike rider. The number of motorcycle riders and pillion riders who died increased by 44.7% in 2023, leaving 68 people dead.



In all, 4,290 motorcycle and pillion riders suffered injuries in crashes in 2023; that translates to almost 12 persons per day being involved in motorcycle-related incidents. The Straits Times conducted interviews with experts, drivers, and motorcyclists regarding potential hazards on Singapore’s roadways and the causes of motorcycle accident-related injuries and fatalities. According to experts, one reason for the surge in motorcycle-related incidents, injuries, and fatalities in recent years is the increase in vehicles on the road, which has increased traffic and conflict. The Land Transport Authority recently revealed data showing that between 2019 and 2023, the overall population of cars and station wagons grew by around 21,000 units.


According to Mr. Aman Aljunied, a motorcycle safety consultant and former teacher at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre, slower traffic frequently makes drivers angrier, which increases the risk of risky behavior or inattention while operating a motor vehicle. Ong Kim Hua, president of the Motorcycle Safety and Sports Club, concurred. “Of course, there will be a slightly higher chance of accidents occurring once there are more people involved,” he stated. We are discussing odds, and they will undoubtedly get better. Experts hypothesized that the increase in delivery riders employed by online meal delivery services is one factor contributing to the growing motorcycle population.

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