For Gaza aid, the US seeks “as many channels as possible,” according to the State Department

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said on Monday (March 4) that the United States is trying to get help into Gaza through as many routes as possible to address the humanitarian catastrophe amid Israel’s war with Hamas militants. Miller called the situation “simply intolerable.” Miller stated that although the route was “still in the development phase,” Washington was hopeful that it may complement current attempts to send aid into the enclave by way of a new sea route to Gaza.


Amidst warnings that a large portion of the population is in danger of starvation, the US military and its allies have recently dropped relief packages into Gaza from aircraft in addition to trucks transporting aid through two border crossings in the southern part of the territory. “The situation is simply intolerable,” Miller stated in a press conference, “and that’s why the United States is focused on increasing and sustaining aid in Gaza through as many channels as possible.” In addition to pressuring Israel to establish a border crossing in the northern part of Gaza for humanitarian supplies, Washington maintains that air and sea channels are an additional means of delivery.


“The UN’s extensive aid to the northern part of Gaza cannot and should not be replaced by these initiatives. We’ll keep putting pressure on the Israeli administration to enable more supplies to the north.” Miller said that Washington was “very much not satisfied” with Israel’s efforts. Since the deaths of Palestinians waiting for relief in Gaza last week, US calls on Israel to take greater action to solve the humanitarian crisis have increased. On Sunday, Vice President Kamala Harris made this request.

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