Jack Teixeira: US airman admits responsibility to leaking Pentagon records

A member of the Air National Guard has entered a guilty plea to publishing several secret papers on the internet in one of the most well-known intelligence breaches in recent memory. Jack Teixeira, 22, should receive a sentence of up to 16 years and 8 months in jail, according to the prosecution. Working at an Air National Guard base, he shared documents over the gamer’s network Discord. Maps, satellite photos, and intelligence on US allies were among the materials. In a US federal court in Boston on Monday, Teixeira entered a guilty plea to six charges of willful retention and transmission of information related to the national defense.


The maximum sentence for each count is ten years in jail. Teixeira has consented not to challenge the prosecution’ request for 200 months in prison, as stipulated in the plea agreement. He will be sentenced to 11 years in prison and a fine of at least $50,000 (£39,000). Teixeira consented to a debriefing from defense and intelligence personnel as well. He made a brief statement at the court to express his approval of the plea arrangement. The US is requesting a “very serious sentence” in order to send “a powerful deterrent message,” US prosecutor Joshua Levy informed reporters.


“One of the reasons this case is so serious is that once things are posted on the internet, shared on the internet, it’s almost impossible to track down what happens to every document,” said Mr Levy. Michael Bachrach, Teixeira’s lawyer, described his client as “very much a kid” and said that Teixeira’s youth “significantly” influenced his behavior. On September 27, Mr. Bachrach expressed his hope that he would be able to effectively advocate for an 11-year jail sentence during the sentencing hearing. Teixeira first started disseminating material on a Discord server, or chatroom, to a small group of weapons and military enthusiasts in late 2022.

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