North Korea protests US-South Korea military exercises and issues a warning about the repercussions

According to KCNA, on March 5, North Korea’s Defense Ministry warned that military drills are war rehearsals and demanded both South Korea and the US to cease them. With twice as many soldiers participating as in 2023, the South Korean and American forces began their yearly spring drills on March 4 in an effort to strengthen their ability to respond to North Korea’s increasing nuclear and missile threats. According to KCNA, an unidentified spokesman for Pyongyang’s Defense Ministry vehemently condemned the “frantic, reckless” military drills and urged their cessation.


The spokesperson cited the drills’ larger scope and the involvement of 11 UN Command member nations as evidence that they are an attempt to invade the North rather than ever being defensive. According to the speaker, “a nuclear war may be started even with a spark,” KCNA reported. The official went on to say that the US and South Korea will “pay a dear price for their false choice” and that they would engage in “military activities to strongly control the unstable security environment.” The North’s claim was refuted by South Korea’s defense ministry, which said that the drills were defensive in nature and intended to stave off the North’s provocations and aggressiveness.


It added in a statement, “We will make overwhelming responses immediately, strongly, and until the end, if North Korea makes a direct provocation using the exercises as an excuse.” The Freedom Shield drills, which are scheduled to conclude on March 14, coincide with North Korea’s efforts to test missiles and other weapons in an effort to increase its nuclear capability. According to Seoul military officials, the main goal of the drills is to neutralize the North’s nuclear threats, particularly by “identifying and striking” cruise missiles, which Pyongyang has stated may be equipped with nuclear warheads.

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