Rage following TWO different incidents in which a defenseless girl prisoner was pulled down and forcibly undressed by male guards

The head of the prisons watchdog expressed his “deep shock” at the forced strip search of a teenage girl in a juvenile detention facility by male police. ‘Inappropriate use of pain-inducing techniques’ at Wetherby Young offenders institute (YOI) in West Yorkshire was also criticized by Charlie Taylor, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons. When inspectors visited the institution at the end of last year, it housed 165 boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 18, including some of the most ‘difficult’ young offenders in the nation.


Officers ‘frequently had to intervene many times a night to remove ligatures’ from girls housed at Wetherby, according to the study, which was released today. Mr. Taylor stated: “We were horrified to discover that two adult male officers were restraining and removing clothing from an extremely vulnerable girl.”Even though they undoubtedly took action to stop serious injury, having multiple men pin her down and take her clothes off will have caused additional trauma. Considering how consistently this girl behaved, the YOI has no justification for not making sure that female officers were present.


“The level of self-harm among girls was extremely high, and this resulted in very high levels of use of force and assaults on staff,” the chief inspector’s report stated.Pain-inducing techniques of restraint and strip searches while under constraint were prevalent. Numerous events of this nature were neither authorized or in compliance with national policy.
According to the report, half of the 24 child strip searches that occurred the year before involved restraints. The study continued, “In the past year, nine applications of pain-inducing techniques had been made; each time, the Independent Review of Restraint Panel determined that the use of such techniques was inappropriate.”


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