Studying the Gillman Barracks site for a new neighborhood with both public and private residences

The government is looking into Gillman Barracks, an arts and lifestyle community near the southern end of Alexandra Road, as a possible location for a new residential neighborhood. On March 5, National Development Minister Desmond Lee testified in Parliament that the new neighborhood may include a combination of public and private housing to satisfy the demand for residences nearer to the city center. The Middlesex Regiment, the second British infantry regiment to be stationed in Singapore during the colonial era, was originally intended to occupy the barracks, which were completed in 1936.


The Singapore Armed Forces utilized the grounds from the 1970s to the 1980s after the British returned them to Singapore, then starting in the 1990s, they were converted into a leisure center. According to the Ministry of National Development (MND) and Housing Board, current renters may remain on the property until the end of their tenancies, which will progressively expire by 2030. They consist of restaurants and bars as well as art galleries. The Singapore Land Authority (SLA), which has been in charge of managing Gillman Barracks since March 2020, recently released a list of new tenants for the enclave’s properties. This announcement was made in April 2023.


The area in Telok Blangah was also one of the 19 areas that were the subject of research for the Heritage and Identity Structure Plan, which was one of the outcomes of the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) long-term plan review that was finished in 2022 and will direct Singapore’s development for the ensuing 50 years and beyond. According to MND and HDB, environmental and heritage investigations are scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2024 in advance of any potential development and be completed in the first half of 2026. During the discussion on the budget for his ministry, Mr. Lee noted that the results of the research will enable the authorities to “plan sensitively” for the site’s growth.

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