Supreme Court decision dims critics’ expectations of a judicial check on Trump

As 2024 approached, it seemed that the presidential contest would be decided as much in court as in the political arena. Donald Trump, the former president, was charged with two federal crimes. There are now 91 criminal charges against him overall due to two state proceedings. There were numerous challenges to Trump’s ability to run for office, and the Supreme Court was urged to rule on whether he could even run for office.


After a span of two months, the federal cases have slowed down to the extent that decisions before November are regarded as improbable. A sex scandal has thrown off one of the state cases. The other, who is generally regarded as the least important of the group, is scheduled to go on trial later this month. Additionally, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Monday that states do not have the authority to disqualify Trump, definitively ending the challenge to his eligibility to run for office. For those who were expecting that Trump’s attempts to rig the previous election would force the legal system to hold him accountable before the next one, the latest events have been disheartening. Professor Stephen Vladeck of the University of Texas School of Law stated, “The real takeaway is that the courts aren’t going to save us from ourselves and that the only surefire way to ensure that an anti-democratic candidate for president doesn’t succeed is to beat him at the ballot box.”


Although it was widely anticipated that the court would decide in Trump’s favor, the ruling was made in the wake of several defeats in the prosecution of Trump for his attempts to obstruct the handoff of power following the 2020 election. Additionally, Trump is leading President Biden in numerous head-to-head contests and is dominating the Republican primary. With 15 states voting on Tuesday, he has the opportunity to effectively put the intra-party race beyond reach.

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