Taylor Swift’s Singaporean concerts will have more resources and security after fans complained about invading the VIP area

What was supposed to be a flawless concert tour experience for fans of Taylor Swift did not proceed as planned due to certain concertgoers’ actions. Following the start of the Eras Tour’s first night in Singapore on Saturday, March 2, a few fans, including TikTok user @linmaxin, Alina, bemoaned their experiences on social media. The 23-year-old revealed in her video that she had paid S$1,800 for a VIP 1 package and was situated in PD1, which is one of the areas closest to the diamond stage, where Swift performs for the most of the show. Even though each ticket had a designated seat, Alina claimed that a lot of fans from other sections moved out of their seats and into her area.


The video had Alina saying, “Instead of telling them to go back to their sections, (the security guards) pushed the extra people into our seated rows, and it just caused even more crowding,” and that it became “hard to breathe.” Calista Wong, another Swiftie, who was seated in the VIP section’s PD3, related a comparable incident. The 22-year-old said in a TikTok video that during opening act Sabrina Carpenter’s set, fans from the back rows began to swarm towards the front, where she was, and that things got rowdier as the night went on.


They refused to move as security began to arrive to scatter them. In the video, she stated, “They just stood there and the pushing got more aggressive,” and even Swift’s security personnel began to step in. She told The Straits Times, “I was wondering if Taylor noticed because the whole security team came over, including her head of security, whom I recognized from photos.” About an hour into the performance, Calista said, things started to get better following the Evermore portion of the show. “But I do know it took longer to resolve for the rows behind me,” the woman remarked. It took a long time to get everyone to back off. They simply wouldn’t budge.



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