The next generation is trained by female lifesavers on Australia’s Bondi Beach

On a sunny morning on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach, seasoned lifesaver Nixy Krite and her teammates dash through the surf and hop onto an inflatable rescue boat. Before they rescue a teammate who is lost at sea, Ms. Krite and her group navigate the boat across the ocean. The maneuvers are a part of a training session that Ms. Krite is doing to increase awareness of opportunities in advance of International Women’s Day on March 8 for a new generation of women lifesavers. Ms. Krite has led the beach’s Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Racing team for the past 12 years and puts in at least 40 hours a week working shifts at the busiest time of year.


She claims that by educating new members of the IRB, Australia is “making up for lost time,” alluding to the fact that women in Australia were only permitted to become lifesavers until 1980. We’re compensating for the moments when we just didn’t have the chance. Thus, equitable chances within our organization have made it possible for our women to assume leadership roles, according to Ms. Krite, who also serves as a recruitment officer for a clinical research center. Founded in 1907, it would take a another 73 years for Surf Life Saving Australia, the organization that educates and certifies lifesavers, to accept women as fully qualified volunteers for its lifesaving services all around Australia.


It’s a different tale now. As per Surf Life Saving Australia, out of the 190,000 volunteer lifesavers in 314 clubs nationwide, over half are women. 15-year-old Char Smith is one of the new IRB recruits. She joined after being motivated to do so by her mother Kristy, a volunteer lifesaver at Bondi. “It means everything because I feel like I can really get to know her and build a relationship with her when we’re out on patrol together,” Char remarked. According to Ms. Krite, women can compensate for their lack of strength in lifesaving techniques, which emphasizes the significance of training. We can always accomplish our goals if we are technically correct,” the woman stated.

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