Trump triumphs as the Supreme Court avoids political minefields

The US Supreme Court has closed the door on Colorado’s attempt to disqualify Donald Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot, as well as on any other state that may have considered doing so. The highest court decided that, in accordance with the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, only Congress has the authority to remove the previous president from the ballot. The majority decision, which is unsigned, is a major victory for Mr. Trump, since it clears the way for his presidential campaign to move forward without interference from state courts or election officials. The nine justices of the Supreme Court avoided some of the most significant political minefields in this case when drafting their ruling.


Regarding whether or whether Mr. Trump had actually participated in insurrection on January 6, 2021, they remained silent. They didn’t talk about whether the former president’s supporters’ attack on the US Capitol was a riot or even an insurrection, as one of Mr. Trump’s attorneys described it. Another of Mr. Trump’s legal arguments in contesting the Colorado ruling was whether or not presidents are expressly free from the 14th Amendment’s insurrection wording. However, the court avoided delving into this issue.


Rather, the court concentrated only on determining whether authorities may apply the insurrection clause. It found that Congress alone, not individual states, had that authority; this perspective prevents the “patchwork” situation in which a candidate may be competent in certain states but ineligible in others. In the real world, Mr. Trump has virtually no chance of being declared ineligible under the 14th Amendment because of the narrowly divided Senate and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. This was the point at which the ideological split of the court, which was 6-3, resurfaced. Even though the three liberal justices on the court agreed that Colorado had gone too far, they wanted to allow room for potential nationwide initiatives to ascertain Mr. Trump’s candidacy eligibility.

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