US shipping of the first over-the-counter birth control pill

US pharmacies are currently receiving the first-ever birth control pill available without a prescription. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration authorized Opill, a birth control pill, for non-prescription use by women of all ages. The organization said that the action will lower obstacles to getting contraceptives. The maker of Opill announced on Monday that the tablet will retail for $19.99 (£15.77) and be accessible in stores and online in the upcoming weeks.


Physicians claim that because the progestin-only pill, sometimes referred to as the “minipill,” does not include oestrogen and hence carries less side effects and health hazards, it is an especially safe method of birth control. Frequent adverse effects of Opill include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and irregular bleeding. The majority of the countries in Latin America, India, China, and the United Kingdom are among the more than 100 nations worldwide that have legalized the over-the-counter use of birth control pills. The United States is now among them. The approval follows the unanimous vote in May of last year by an FDA expert advisory panel to recommend the pill’s over-the-counter availability.


A few scientists had expressed doubts during the hearing over the comprehension of the instructions by young individuals and those with low literacy, particularly with regard to following the prescription if they had a history of breast cancer. However, committee members came to the conclusion that women who had breast cancer were probably already in contact with their physicians and knew they shouldn’t use hormonal contraception. Ultimately, the panel concluded that Opill had a history of safety and efficacy in preventing pregnancies and had been approved by the FDA in 1973. Experts state that a lack of health insurance and trouble getting transportation to doctor’s appointments are only two of the many obstacles that women, and particularly teens, face when trying to access reproductive health treatments.

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