Why is the father of the top driver for Red Bull so hateful of Geri’s husband? Is it as a result of Jos Verstappen’s acquaintance with the lady who is at the center of Christian Horner’s sex text scandal?

The kind folks at the Red Bull F1 press office keep saying everything is fine. They suggest to move on, there’s nothing to see. This situation is problem-free. A representative states, “The team is cohesive and our primary goal is racing.” However, they have had a very difficult week, and the situation is becoming more hazy by the day. In summary, the company said on Wednesday that its £8 million-a-year CEO Christian Horner had not behaved improperly with a female colleague. However, a day later, the team discovered that a number of “sexts” that Horner had purportedly sent to a female employee had been widely leaked.


The 79 files, which are primarily discussion screenshots but also include some images, cannot be duplicated here due to legal concerns. It has been asserted, nonetheless, that they depict Horner persistently hounding his colleague for photos of herself, phoning her at odd hours, and making it obvious he finds her attractive. For a few period on Saturday at the Bahrain Grand Prix, the opening Formula 1 race of the season, Horner’s situation appeared to be improving. While Red Bull shareholder and Horner champion Chalerm Yoovidhya was all smiles and his wife Daranee was all kissing in the Paddock, his wife, former pop diva Geri Halliwell-Horner, presented a united, albeit tight, household front. Max Verstappen, the top driver for Red Bull, won the race as expected, and it appeared as though Red Bull may maintain its position as the dominant force in Formula One.


That is, until Jos Verstappen got involved. Often referred to as Horner’s “nemesis,” Max’s father and mentor, has gone out swinging, warning an interviewer that things could “explode” if Horner stays in charge of Red Bull. As long as Horner stays in this position, there is friction in this area. Jos stated, “The team is in danger of falling apart.” “Things cannot continue as they are.” It’s going to blow up. Even though he is the one creating the issues, he is acting the victim. Jos emphasized, “The situation is not good for the team and is driving people apart,” in a different interview.

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