A man was detained on suspicion of taking over $100,000 in cash from an aircraft

aboard March 5, a 54-year-old man was taken into custody for allegedly taking over $100,000 from a passenger’s luggage while they were aboard an aircraft. The police said in a statement on March 6 that the purported theft happened on a flight from Hong Kong to Singapore. The traveler realized that US$80,000 (S$107,000) in cash was missing from his bag after disembarking at Changi Airport, according to the police. The victim had put his suitcase in the overhead compartment, but preliminary investigations indicate that he did not witness a suspicious individual going through it, the police said.


In order to determine the man’s identity, members of the Airport Police Division examined the flight logs and collaborated with the Commercial Affairs Department. “The man allegedly made four remittance transactions at People’s Park Complex totaling $37,897.70, which were thought to be part of the stolen cash, according to preliminary investigations,” the police stated. The individual was discovered to be in possession of cash totaling $79,662.83, which was in various denominations and currencies. The individual will face theft charges in court. He faces a maximum three-year prison sentence, a fine, or both if found guilty. Travelers were instructed by the authorities to carry their cash and valuables rather than storing them in the overhead baggage compartments of the aircraft.


Passengers who are observed throughout the flight opening the overhead compartments, removing their bags, and going through them should be avoided. The police warned, “Alert the cabin crew immediately of such suspicious behavior.” Theft aboard an airplane is a serious offense, according to Assistant Commissioner M. Malathi, Commander of the Airport Police Division. He also stated, “Airport police will continue to work closely with our airport stakeholders to ensure aircraft security and safety.”

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