After a bus accident in Bukit Timah, the car driver and three other people were detained; two ACS students were sent to NUH

Following a collision with a bus on March 6 on Bukit Timah Road, just outside the Royalgreen condominium close to Sixth Avenue, a car driver and his three passengers were taken into custody. Following the collision, the driver of the automobile and his passengers, as well as two school-age children (ages eight and nine), were transported to the hospital. The mishap was reported to the police at approximately six in the morning. Two occupants, a 32-year-old lady and a 27-year-old man, were rescued by officers from the burning car after it took fire. A male passenger, age 22, was also present. Traffic-related offenses resulted in the arrest of all three. According to the police, the driver, a 26-year-old guy, was taken into custody for neglecting to submit a breath sample.


Using a water jet, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), which said that it was notified of the incident at 6.20am, put out the fire. It also stated that six patients were admitted to National University Hospital. Everyone was awake. After being evaluated, one more person chose not to be admitted to the hospital. There are still open police investigations. Four Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) students were being transported by the bus when it collided. In response to questions, Cheryl Chee, the principal of ACS (Junior), stated that two of the students were evaluated by paramedics on the spot and were then returned home by their parents, while the other two were hospitalized due to minor injuries. Since then, they have been let go.


All impacted students and the bus driver have been cared to, according to a letter that Ms. Chee sent out to parents that same day at approximately 3:10 p.m., and they are “currently all well and resting at home.” “Our teachers will keep an eye on their welfare and offer them the assistance they require.” She went on to say that the school is aware of recordings about the incident becoming viral on the internet and asked parents to refrain from speculating. A severely damaged bus with its two front wheels off is visible in a number of footage of the accident’s aftermath that were posted in a Telegram group. One video shows a flaming automobile close to the scene of the collision.

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