After winning “Super Tuesday,” Biden and Trump are moving toward a rematch

Following their respective victories in nearly all of the party’s nomination elections held in a number of states around the nation on Tuesday, U.S. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump took a step closer to facing off again in the 2020 presidential election. In the fifteen states that had Democratic Party primaries or caucuses, including Virginia, Texas, Minnesota, and Colorado, Biden emerged victorious. The only contest he lost was the caucus in American Samoa. Trump won 14 states, Utah being the final state to be called on Wednesday.


As is customary for presidential incumbents, Biden faced no opposition in the Democratic primary and instead focused on the November election, warning that another term for Trump would mean a term characterized by “chaos, division, and darkness.” “Millions of voters nationwide have made their voices heard today, demonstrating their readiness to resist Donald Trump’s radical plan to regress,” Biden said in a statement. Speaking to his fans in Florida, Trump criticized Biden’s handling of the economy and immigration, saying the nation had suffered “a great beating” over the previous three years.


Celebrated his recent victories on Tuesday, the outgoing leader—who lost to Biden for reelection in 2020—referred to the November election as “the single most important day in the history of our country.” “There’s a reason it’s called Super Tuesday,” Trump declared. “This one is significant.” Texas, California, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Colorado were among the states where Trump won on Tuesday. The final significant rival of Trump in the Republican contest, former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, prevailed in the state of Vermont on Tuesday. Haley’s victory was her second of the nomination process; she had won the Washington primary on Sunday.

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