An Australian father is accused of detaining children by using cable ties

After allegedly restraining three children with cable ties, a man from Western Australia has been charged with aggravated assault. The father found the two boys, ages seven and eight, and the six-year-old girl swimming on an abandoned property, according to the police. Two of the kids are seen sobbing in a video that has gone viral online. The video has “appalled” top state officials, and police have urged community members to remain calm.


The 45-year-old man reportedly informed authorities that he had discovered the kids in a “unoccupied pool” when he called them on Monday to report the incident in Broome, which is located roughly 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) north of Perth. When police arrived, they discovered the two kids “physically restrained” with cable ties, and the oldest boy had left the area, according to WA Police. Widely circulated video footage shows two youngsters, who appear to be Indigenous, in a driveway while bystanders beg a white man to release them. Authorities said that once the two kids were evaluated by paramedics on the scene, they were soon reunited with their families. Given the age and frailty of the three children, the police claimed that the “force used to restrain” them “was not proportionate”.


Jacqueline McGowan-Jones, the state’s commissioner of children, expressed her discomfort with the video. These seem to be extremely small and young youngsters. Given the situation, they seem very scared. He’s a pretty big man. And they seem really anxious,” Jacqueline McGowan-Jones said on Tuesday to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “They lack the neurodevelopment necessary to comprehend actions, consequences, and cause and effect. And that’s known legally,” she continued. The man is scheduled to appear before the Broome Magistrates Court on March 25 after being granted bail.

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