There should be more internal airports

The chairman and president of Spring Airlines, Wang Yu, is also a member of the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. He stated that in order to foster connections with other economies participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, China should construct more airports in central and western regions.Wang made a number of airport construction-related submissions throughout the two sessions with the goal of supporting the high-quality growth of China’s civil aviation sector.


Wang advised that China develop more airports in the center and western areas and start new flights or increase the frequency of flights that connect eastern and western China during the 14th and 15th Five-Year Plan periods (2021–25 and 2026–30), respectively. “Several regions in central and western China are near or adjacent to other economies that are a part of the Belt and Road Initiative, such as those in Southeast, South, and Central Asia. More airport construction can support the development of trade and exchanges between China and those nations and areas, according to Wang. He continued by saying that, partly because of the region’s rugged geography, difficult transportation is a major barrier impeding the growth of central and western China. Building roads and railroads is expensive, time-consuming, and requires more running and maintenance funds.


Air travel is quicker and more effective in contrast. A directive from China’s Cabinet, the State Council, states that the country wants to increase the number of airports used for civil aviation to approximately 400 across the country by 2035. There are 259 in the current number. Airport density is significantly lower in central and western China than it is in eastern China. “The greatest concentration of high-altitude airports is found in China’s western and central regions. According to Li Guijin, a professor at the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China in Beijing, “the nation should further promote the development of the regional aviation market, launch more regional routes, and build a group of specialized and scaled regional carriers.” Wang offered several recommendations to encourage more inward travel in the interim. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the nation reported 13.78 million passenger trips from foreign visitors in 2023.

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