Two guys from Singapore were detained on suspicion of trafficking narcotics valued at over $366,700

On March 5, two males from Singapore were taken into custody during separate investigations on suspicion of narcotics trafficking offenses. It is estimated that the overall worth of the substances seized exceeded $366,700. On March 7, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) declared that the amount of drugs seized was sufficient to feed the addictions of roughly 1,380 abusers for a week. At a house on Yishun Street 44, cops made an arrest of a 54-year-old male during the first operation on March 5 in the afternoon.


In addition, they discovered two bottles of methadone, 10 Erimin-5 tablets, 195g of methamphetamine or Ice, 104g of cannabis, and 975g of heroin. These are estimated to be worth $1675,000 on the street. In a separate operation that day, a 29-year-old male was taken into custody on Fernvale Street. Officers discovered $14,850 in cash and 5,547g of cannabis in his chamber. The estimated worth of the cannabis is $199,700. Given the large amounts of restricted substances involved, both individuals might be subject to harsh punishments, including the death penalty, if proven guilty of trafficking charges. The drug-related actions of both suspects are being looked into.


“The two operations netted a large amount of drugs which could have flown onto the streets, feeding the addiction of a large number of drug abusers and luring new abusers into the downward spiral of drug abuse,” stated CNB’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner Aaron Tang, director of the intelligence division. The growing number of young people becoming victims of drug abuse had already alarmed the CNB. The number of young female drug addicts detained increased considerably in 2023, pointing to a concerning shift in demography and highlighting the necessity of enforcement actions and attention to stop this trend.

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