Two sessions on ideas to improve the business climate

National legislators and political advisors have proposed a number of measures to enhance the business climate in the nation, including tightening support for industrial parks and incubators in the private sector and better coordinating domestic business regulations with those of other countries. They presented their recommendations during the yearly Beijing meetings of the nation’s top legislative delegates and members of the top political advisory body. Developing a stable, transparent, and predictable policy environment marked by a combination of an efficient market and an efficient government was another of their recommendations, with the ultimate goal being to continue promoting high-standard opening-up. They also suggested creating an environment where science and technology enterprises and talent can not only grow but thrive.


Amidst the contemporary landscape of demanding domestic and international circumstances, economic advancement is now inextricably linked to ongoing business environment optimization. They claimed that the market can only better attract and retain domestic and foreign businesses and fully develop their endogenous strength and potential by better embracing marketization, the rule of law, and internationalization as the criteria. To increase the scope and depth of opening-up, national legislator Tian Xuan—who also serves as associate dean of Tsinghua University’s PBC School of Finance—suggested fortifying top-level design and instituting a uniform operating procedure nationwide.


He proposed that the authorities in question could further compare local business rules, regulations, management, and standards with the most advanced ones globally and make ongoing improvements by hosting significant national economic and trade platforms, such as the China International Import Expo in Shanghai and the China International Fair for Trade in Services in Beijing. Additionally, various sectors are urged to overcome regional policy obstacles and establish a thorough relationship between opening up to the global community and opening up to other sectors of the nation. That will facilitate the steady development of a business environment with uniform regulations and effective cooperation between local and foreign societies as well as between various areas of the nation,” the speaker stated.

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