Yemen’s Houthi missile attack against a US ship claimed the lives of two servicemen

The British embassy in Yemen stated on the social media site X that a Houthi missile attack on a US cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden on Wednesday resulted in the deaths of at least two servicemen. “There are now at least two dead innocent sailors. It emphasized that “They (Houthis) must stop” and stated, “This was the sad but inevitable consequence of the Houthis’ careless missile firing against international shipping.” The Houthis took credit for the missile attack on a US cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden earlier in the day in a statement.


According to Yahya Sarea, the group’s spokesperson, “we attacked the US True Confidence ship in the Gulf of Aden, with a number of appropriate marine missiles and the hit was accurate, causing fire on the ship.” The announcement was broadcast on al-Masirah TV, which is owned by the Houthis. He mentioned that his group will not stop attacking until Israel halts its offensive against Palestinian Hamas militants in Gaza. “The attack came after the ship’s crew rejected warning messages from the Yemeni naval forces,” he continued.


The Houthi organization claimed that this missile attack is an act of solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza, and it is the most recent in a string of attacks against commercial vessels in the international sea lane since November of last year, especially those with possible ties to Israel. A British oil tanker drowned in the Red Sea last week following the Houthi missile attack near the port city of Hodeidah in Yemen. The Houthi missile strikes during the previous few weeks had also caused damage to a number of other EU cargo boats. To dissuade the Houthi group, the US-British alliance has carried out numerous airstrikes against their targets. But the Houthis have intensified their attacks, focusing on more commercial ships in addition to US and British navy boats.

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