China can assist Africa in obtaining food security

A Kenyan professor predicted that China, which has successfully fed its 1.4 billion people and pulled hundreds of millions out of poverty, would be crucial in assisting Africa in addressing food insecurity through increased bilateral cooperation in agricultural technology and talent development. Robert Gituru, African director of the Sino-Africa Joint Research Center at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Nairobi, Kenya, said that this year, ahead of China’s annual two sessions, which are held in Beijing and involve the country’s top legislative body, the National People’s Congress, and its political advisory body, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the country is more likely to understand the challenges that Africa faces and have solutions that are specific to those challenges because China is a developing nation.


Gituru claimed that China produces reasonably priced small-scale agricultural equipment and instruments that are assisting Africa in increasing crop yields. Additionally, the nation rapidly lifted a sizable portion of its citizens out of poverty, a development that could help the continent. “Africa has comparatively a large amount of arable land compared to many parts of the world, including China, so if we can import the appropriate technologies from China, Africa will be able to realize food security,” Gituru stated. During the two sessions, a variety of topics are covered, including food security and agribusiness. According to the professor, many Africans anticipate that the talks would provide the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation—a significant forum for Sino-African cooperation—new impetus.


According to Gituru, such collaboration has already had noticeable outcomes throughout Africa, including at his research facility. He said that by applying appropriate agronomic methods from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the yields of the corn grown at the center last year jumped by fifty percent. The center also uses a handheld planter developed in China that conducts planting, seeding, and field fertilizing in addition to saving manpower and creating straight rows while plowing. The gadget has piqued the interest of nearby farmers. According to Gituru, China is also producing a device that would assist farmers in producing feed that is more nutrient-dense for their animals.

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