Curfew is extended and Haiti’s main port closes due to a state of emergency

According to Caribbean Port Services, the port operator, an armed gang attack resulted in the closure of Haiti’s main port on Thursday. Following armed men breaking into the port and looting containers, CPS said that “malicious acts of sabotage and vandalism” precipitated the decision, according to Reuters, quoting local media. As per the United Nations, the port “is the only way for humanitarian and development organizations to transport food and medical supplies from Port-au-Prince to other parts of the country at the moment.” A state of emergency and a curfew during the night were extended by the government earlier on Thursday as gang violence in Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital, continued to rise.


As affiliated gangs attempt to seize control, the government claims that it is acting to “reestablish order and take appropriate measures to retake control of the situation,” which has resulted in numerous deaths this week. According to Haiti’s official gazette, the state of emergency has been prolonged until April 3 and the curfew has been extended until March 11.When armed gangs assisted thousands of prisoners in escaping from jail and tens of thousands of residents fled the capital turmoil on Sunday, officials first declared a state of emergency. Public protests are prohibited during a state of emergency, and security personnel are permitted to employ “all legal means” to enforce the curfew. The curfew does not apply to emergency services, security personnel, or some journalists.


Gangs attacked police stations even after the curfew was implemented over the weekend, setting at least ten of them on fire, according to the police union. Following Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s announcement last week at a conference with Caribbean leaders that general elections will take place in 2025, the situation in Haiti took a violent turn. He traveled to Kenya and had a meeting with President William Ruto following the meeting. He asked the president to support the Kenyan police force that is backed by the United Nations, even though a Kenyan court has declared that this force is unlawful.Gangs ambushed and essentially closed down Haiti’s international airport during his journey, preventing him from going back to his home land. The fact that there haven’t been elections in Haiti for almost ten years has angered many of them.

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