FM denounces US for breaking its promises

Foreign Minister Wang Yi praised the most recent developments in the two countries’ relations while taking aim at Washington’s ongoing misinformation and repression of China on Thursday. At a news conference held in Beijing during the annual session of China’s upper house of parliament, he made the remarks. Wang’s remarks, according to observers, reflect China’s feeling of responsibility and resolve to mend the relationship because it has significant effects on international stability. “We have seen that some progress has indeed been made in improving China-US relations since the summit in San Francisco, which is fully in line with the aspirations and interests of the two countries and the people of the world,” Wang stated.


nevertheless, “the US side’s misperception of China still continues, and the promises made by the US side have not been faithfully honored” , according to him. He went on to say that the US’s strategies for repressing China are continually changing, that the list of unilateral sanctions is growing, and that the accusations made against China are absurd. “The challenge for the US comes from itself, not from China,” Wang underscored. He continued, “If the US is obsessed with suppressing China, it will eventually harm itself.” Wang posed four queries. “Where is the US’s credibility as a significant nation when it says one thing and acts another? Where is its confidence as a large country if it becomes nervous at the mention of the name “China”?” he questioned.


“Where is international justice if it only cares about its own prosperity and ignores the rightful development of other nations? “Where is fairness in competition if it continuously monopolizes the high end of the value chain and keeps China at the low end?” the speaker said. Washington is urged by Beijing “to be clear-eyed about the trend of the times, view China’s development objectively and rationally, engage in exchanges with China proactively and pragmatically, and act to fulfill its commitments” , he stated. According to Su Xiaohui, deputy head of the Department of American Studies at the China Institute of International Studies, “The minister’s four questions expose the US’s inability to address its core issue, which is its core understanding of China.”

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