In Nigeria, gunmen kidnap 227 students from schools

In the worst mass kidnapping from a school since 2021, gunmen in Nigeria abducted over 200 schoolchildren on Thursday in the northern town of Kuriga, according to a teacher, a local councilor, and the parents of the missing youngsters. The abductions occurred at the Local Government Education Authority School in the town of Kuriga, just after morning assembly. Kaduna state police did not reply to calls for information. According to data we gathered from the parents, there are already 40 kidnapped people from the elementary part and 187 from the secondary section, according to home economics teacher Sani Abdullahi.


Parents and locals attributed the abduction on a lack of security in the region. Uba Sani, the governor of Kaduna state, visited Kuriga and pledged to secure the kids’ release, according to his administration. However, the number of missing students was not disclosed. Amnesty International urged Nigerian authorities to bring those responsible for the students’ safe return to justice. We are all waiting to see what God can accomplish because we don’t know what to do. “They are the only children I have here on Earth,” Fatima Usman, whose two kids were taken hostage, said over the phone to Reuters. Hassan Abdullahi, another parent, claimed that despite their best efforts, the local vigilantes had been unable to stop the gunman.


Of the pupils taken hostage, seventeen are my offspring. The administration has entirely ignored us in this regard, which makes me extremely unhappy,” Abdullahi remarked. In northern Nigeria, kidnappings for ransom by armed men have grown commonplace, upsetting everyday routines and preventing thousands of children from going to school. In July 2021, gunmen abducted about 150 kids during a raid in Kaduna, which was the most recent significant kidnapping involving schoolchildren that has been reported. After they paid ransoms, the students and their families were reunited months later.

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