Israel Contests Accusation of Being a Scapegoat for Gaza’s Food Issues as a Houthi Strike Causes Death at Sea

The food situation in the Gaza Strip is deemed catastrophic by the United Nations. But a lot of people think that the United Nations is attempting to use Israel as a scapegoat, both in Israel and abroad. According to World Food Program’s Samer Abdel Jaber, Israel isn’t supplying Gaza with adequate food. “We have enough food to feed everyone in Gaza,” he declared. Right now, that food is located outside of the Gaza Strip. Because of the dire circumstances, we want land borders and access to deliver supplies into Gaza, whether it is from the north or the south.”


But according to Israel, unprecedented levels of humanitarian aid—equivalent to three pounds of food per person—are making their way to Gaza. “There are no limits on incoming aid, and in fact, there is excess capacity at the Israeli crossings – both Kerem Shalom, where goods enter Gaza directly, and Nitzana,” shot back Prime Minister’s Office spokeswoman Elyon Levy. The fact that we reached a record 277 assistance trucks each day last week, with 255 entering yesterday, is the best indication of that extra capacity.” According to Levy, the issue lies in the distribution inside Gaza and the United Nations’ dependence on Hamas for security.


“Aid is not getting out to the U.N. as quickly as Israel is allowing it in.” The U.N. depends on UNWRA, a front organization for Hamas, which is the reason. For this reason, aid is accumulating on the Gazan side of the bridge without being disbursed,” he said. A video purportedly shows Hamas commandeering supply vehicles and entering Gaza, which was posted by on-the-ground observers. A few days after an attack that resulted in the loss of another commercial ship, the Houthi group escalated their attacks on Red Sea ships, resulting in the deaths of at least two crew members of a commercial ship registered under the Liberian flag.

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