Police looking into Sentosa sky light event; case suggests guests should receive a complete reimbursement

As spectators demand a complete refund for the disastrous Singapore Sky Lantern Festival, the police are looking into the event. The event’s organizers are the subject of at least one police report. The police verified that they are still conducting inquiries. After paying $50 apiece, hundreds of guests traveled to Sentosa for the celebration on February 21 only to discover upon arrival that neither food nor lanterns would be released that evening, as had been promised. After that, one of the organizers said in a Facebook post that has since been removed that the event will now take place in early April, but they did not provide any more information.


Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) president Melvin Yong stated on March 7 in response to questions from The Straits Times that given the circumstances, registrants ought to be eligible for a complete refund. Mr. Yong stated that since people had purchased tickets primarily in anticipation of the release, it was improper for Asian Couture and Boutique, the event organizer, to go ahead with the event without informing attendees beforehand that the sky lantern release portion was canceled. Additionally, the company had neglected to secure the licenses and permit clearances required to execute the sky lantern release.


In the event that negotiations come to a standstill, a Case representative will counsel clients on their alternatives, which include taking their case to the Small Claims Tribunals and mediating it through mediation. About 70% of disagreements are resolved through Case’s mediation procedure, according to the company website. Director of Asian Couture & Boutique Shiermie Bautista responded to Mr. Yong’s remarks by saying that since the music festival and other program elements had already taken place and a large number of people had attended, ticket sales for the event were final and non-refundable. When preparations were finished, she stated the organizer would provide an update on the precise date of the rescheduled event. On February 21, 2,500 individuals gathered their lanterns, according to Ms. Bautista.

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