Protesters in Gaza object to Biden’s address

While US President Joe Biden was getting ready to address Congress, demonstrators gathered in front of the US Capitol carried their own message: “Complete ceasefire now” and “Stop funding Israel.” Prior to the yearly speech on Thursday, some 150 demonstrators gathered on Pennsylvania Avenue, the main thoroughfare that links the US legislature’s headquarters in Washington, DC, and the White House. The goal, according to the organizers, was to obstruct Biden’s path or force him to take a different route in order to get to the Friday speech at 9:00 p.m. local time (00:00 GMT). They said that, five months into the Gaza War, with over 30,000 Palestinians killed and nearly two million suffering humanitarian disaster, more pressure than ever was required.


Cat Knarr of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights told Al Jazeera, “We’re here to say, no more genocide with our tax dollars as President Biden prepares to give the State of the Union address.” A Palestinian flag the size of a swimming pool was spread across the tarmac of the Boulevard by protesters near the Capitol. “End the occupation” and “Biden’s legacy is genocide” were among the signs they carried. What do we do when attacks occur in Palestine? They chanted, some waving electric candles, “Stand up, fight back!” They declared, “Occupation is a crime from DC to Palestine.” Joanna, a 39-year-old accountant by day, who was participating in the protest, stated that it was more crucial than ever to take to the streets as the country got ready to see Biden.


She remarked, “I feel like they’m killing with my hands, using my tax dollars.” “I simply cannot remain silent in the face of genocide.” I have to speak up every day because it is wrong because it is wrong. “As a Palestinian and the granddaughter of a man who survived the Nakba, these are my people, and I have no choice but to wake up every single day and think about what they are living through,” organizer Knarr said of the Gazan people. The 1948 formation of Israel resulted in the deportation of over 750,000 Palestinians from their ancestral lands and communities, an event known in Arabic as the Nakba, or “catastrophe.” During the Nakba, around 500 Palestinian villages were destroyed.

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