Top advisor reiterates opposition to “independence for Taiwan”

Wang Huning, China’s top political advisor, reiterated on Thursday the country’s commitment to steadfastly fight separatism that seeks “Taiwan independence” and foreign meddling. He also stated that more will be done to improve cross-Strait integration in a more comprehensive and practical way. Wang made the comments while participating in the discussions with Taiwanese delegates of the National People’s Congress. Wang is the chairman of the 14th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee. He emphasized that in order to relentlessly pursue national reunification, it is imperative that the 1992 Consensus and the one-China concept be followed.


On Thursday, national MPs from Qinghai province participated in the deliberations alongside Cai Qi, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee. The province’s NPC delegate, Cai, emphasized the need to uphold the overarching principle of pursuing growth while preserving stability, cultivate fresh, high-caliber labor forces in accordance with regional circumstances, and push forward with superior development. He advised his fellow deputies that the province ought to take on its primary role in ecological protection, erect a strong wall to ensure the ecological security of the country, and start along a road of excellent growth that is unique to the province.


Cai demanded more rapid progress in the green transition as well as universal action to promote rural vitalization. According to him, it’s critical to support the spiritual and cultural requirements of individuals from various ethnic backgrounds, increase the availability of superior cultural goods, and fortify the sense of national community within the Chinese people. Vice-Premier Ding Xuexiang emphasized the latest significant results from the “one country, two systems” policy as he joined national lawmakers from the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions for discussions on Thursday. He warned Hong Kong’s parliamentarians that in order to protect national sovereignty, security, and development interests as well as guarantee the long-term governance and security of the SAR, legislation on Article 23 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong needs to be finished as soon as feasible.

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