“Unsettling vibes” and ominous events: these are the places where women feel insecure

As per the OECD Better Life Index, the percentage decreases to barely 50% for women. The index covers all 38 market-oriented nations that make up the OECD, along with Brazil, South Africa, and Russia. In the index, Australia is ranked better than just six other nations. Monash University academics in Melbourne are currently attempting to comprehend this stark disparity. A crowdsourced interactive map of the state named YourGround NSW has been created by the university’s XYX Lab, a group of design researchers investigating gender-sensitive design practices and theory, in collaboration with the NSW government and digital firm CrowdSpot.


Women and people of other gender identities have been sharing their stories by dropping a digital pin since November of last year. The map shows locations in NSW that total more than 1,000. Commenters designate areas as “safe” or “unsafe” and provide an explanation. A lack of safety can occasionally be attributed to “bad vibes”. Conventional crime statistics only include information that individuals choose to formally report and only collect data on previous instances. The goal of YourGround NSW is to paint a picture of what is frequently written off as “minor” or “normal”. It’s a part of an increasing effort to map the prevalence of everyday sexism and harassment.


In Australia, homes are the least safe places for women and persons of different gender identities. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reports that women are more likely than males to suffer violence at the hands of a stranger (11%), accounting for 35% of all incidents. We know this from statistics, but when you ask women of all ages, backgrounds, and gender identities, they genuinely feel more vulnerable in public,” adds Kalms. According to the ABS 2021–22 study on sentiments of safety, 93% of women and nearly 100% of men felt secure being home alone after dark. When individuals leave the house, the gap becomes apparent.



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