US to establish temporary port for aid delivery on Gaza’s shore

According to senior US officials, President Joe Biden is scheduled to declare that the US military will build a port in Gaza to facilitate the delivery of more humanitarian aid into the region by sea. According to officials, the temporary port will result in “hundreds of additional truckloads” of humanitarian aid being provided to Palestinians every day. They did say that US forces on the ground in Gaza would not be a part of it. A quarter of the population is at risk of starvation, according to UN warnings. The port will be able to handle large ships delivering food, water medicine, and temporary shelters; but, the officials estimated that it would take “a number of weeks” to set up.


The first supplies will go through Cyprus, subject to security inspections by Israeli officials. Later, during his State of the Union speech, Mr. Biden is expected to make the news. After Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, killing almost 1,200 people and kidnapping 253 more, the Israeli military began an air and ground campaign in Gaza. Since then, more than 30,800 Palestinians have died in Gaza, according to the health ministry operated by Hamas in the region. President Biden will declare in his address to Congress that the US military will build a port in Gaza, complete with a makeshift dock for delivering supplies from ships at sea to the ground.


Important questions regarding whether the operation can succeed remain unanswered, as it is unclear who will construct the causeway or obtain the assistance on land. Due to Gaza’s lack of a deepwater port, the US has been investigating ways to send shiploads of relief there immediately for weeks. Meanwhile, the administration has increased pressure on Israel and expressed growing frustration with the dire situation on the ground. According to US authorities who spoke with CBS, the US partner of the BBC, the 7th Transportation Brigade, an army unit headquartered in Fort Story, Virginia, is scheduled to erect the pier.

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