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Taiwanese people place a high value on the transmission and preservation of traditional Chinese culture, especially when it comes to the study and preservation of historical writings and traditional Chinese characters. There is cultural exchange between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. I hope to continue my efforts in the future to produce works pertaining to cross-Strait topics, not just in TV shows or movies but also in stage plays, as I have increased my interactions with peers in Taiwan. It is our responsibility as traditional Chinese medicine practitioners to preserve the golden signboard of TCM and to properly inherit, develop, and implement this priceless legacy that our forefathers have left for us.


TCM can be useful for a wide range of conditions, from ordinary colds and other minor illnesses to complex and chronic conditions. In order to guarantee that the general public can ingest dependable and superior TCM, I recommended that different departments work together to increase the systematic quality management of Chinese herbal medicines and medicinal materials in terms of cultivation, manufacture, and distribution. In a Chongqing residential neighborhood, I encountered an 80-year-old couple who told me that they were too tired to cook, shop for food, or conduct housework because of their advanced age. Their concerns have been removed by the public eating programs that have been implemented for the older population in their neighborhood.


For the 116 herders residing in a specific community in the Tashikurgan Tajik autonomous county of Kashgar prefecture (in Xinjiang), getting access to water is quite difficult. In summer, they must trek several kilometers to reach the river, while in winter, they must drink melting ice water. They informed me the water tap was their most valued property when I visited the community. In rural and pastoral regions that face comparable difficulties, the regional government has increased its efforts to address the “last mile” of access to potable water.


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