Spokesman demands that the US follow through on its commitment

The spokesman for the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, whose second session is currently underway, stated that the United States should put its commitment into practice and collaborate with China to develop a stable, healthy, and durable bilateral relationship. The spokesman, Liu Jieyi, stated in an exclusive interview with China Daily that mutual respect, peaceful cohabitation, and win-win collaboration should be the cornerstones of the two nations’ cooperation in order to guarantee that the bilateral ties remain on the correct track. Tango requires two people. The US should see the benefits of cooperating with China and abandon its unfavorable view of it as a strategic competitor.


Of course, we will zealously defend our interests if they are threatened with regard to sovereignty, security, or growth. This is obvious,” he continued. Liu’s prior roles as China’s permanent representative to the UN and as the leader of the Communist Party of China Central Committee’s Taiwan Work Office highlight his proficiency in negotiating tricky international situations and cross-Strait ties. Last year, he began serving on the CPPCC National Committee’s Foreign Affairs Committee as vice-chairman and member of a standing committee. Liu stated that everyone involved in the protracted Ukraine problem must understand that they are not in a situation where they are the last person standing. “A negotiated solution to this crisis is needed,” he stated.


Liu stated that China has been actively assisting the various parties in defusing the situation and pursuing a diplomatic resolution through extremely constructive and positive means since the outset. Countries should understand that their actions are harming people in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the surrounding area, especially those that are putting weaponry into the conflict and setting oil on fire. They ought to adopt a more positive outlook and cooperate with the nations attempting to bring the situation to a negotiation table in order to end the crisis.” Liu announced that the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative, and the Global Civilization Initiative were all failing to keep up with the growing gaps in global governance, security, and development.

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